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Information The decision-makers Meet to Complete global-crypto-alignment - Supports A view to the Standards of the G20 - Bitcoin news

Title :  The decision-makers Meet to Complete global-crypto-alignment - Supports A view to the Standards of the G20 - Bitcoin news
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Frames The decision-makers Meet to Complete global-crypto-alignment - Supports A view to the Standards of the G20 - Bitcoin news

Description The decision-makers Meet to Complete global-crypto-alignment - Supports A view to the Standards of the G20 - Bitcoin news

The working group " Financial measures began its session, to discuss, to follow global cryptocurrency regulations, the obligation of the G20 countries. During this time, the crypto-industry concerns about some of the recommendations, and a meeting was created to the same time as the g-20 summit on the influence of political decision-makers.

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Plenary to Discuss Crypto-regulation

The Financial action task force (FATF), the global organization of standardization in areas such as the combating of money laundering, began his plenary meeting of the week on Sunday. &for the artist: "For the first time under the FATF’s new, open order, representatives of 205 members of the FATF Global network, the IMF, the UN, the world Bank and others to FATF week in Orlando, Florida,” prepared by the FATF:

For a six-day meeting, they discuss a number of important issues, with a focus on the protection of the integrity of the financial system and to contribute to the safety and security of. With further progress in the settlement of the virtual assets, with a strong support of the G20 include.

The theme of the first discussion on the list of long-awaited &the artist;an explanation of the auditors and Advise the Active.” Also on the agenda of the artist is the report of the FATF recommendations to the G20 leaders.” The FATF has also confirmed that the President will give a press conference on the results of the deliberations on the 21 June.

G20’Engagement de l'

At the G20 meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank governors Meeting in the Japanese city of Fukuoka on 8-9 June, the G20 countries, a joint Declaration on cryptography published active. And notes that &the artist;Technological innovations, including the underlying crypto-active, offer significant advantages for the financial system and the economy in General,” your statement reads as follows:

While the crypto-active, and not a threat to global financial stability at this point, we remain vigilant to risks, including those associated with the use and the protection of investors, the money-laundering (AML) and combating the financing of terrorism (LFT).

The G20 also reiterated their commitment to compliance with the FATF recommendations’s new crypto-active, the alignment should be announced at the end of the plenary session. The member States have jointly declared:

We reaffirm our commitment to the implementation of the recent amendments to the FATF standards for virtual assets, relatives and suppliers in the field of combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism and the LFT. We look forward to the adoption of the FATF explanatory Memorandum and the advice of the FATF plenary meeting later this month.

The Recommendations

The FATF should announce his standards, on the basis of design for the project " guidelines on Feb. 22 to clarify, as it relates to activities or operations on which crypto is active. The private sector was asked for comments, the references to the document. &the artist;The text of the note was to be finalised and adopted, which will be shown in the framework of the standards of the FATF in June of 2019,” the FATF.

Some of the requirements stand out as especially difficult. Blockchain forensic practice Chainalysis explained that according to the FATF &the artist;countries should ensure that the origin of the VASPs [virtual active provider of services] and to keep the needs and the exact sender of the information and of the need, the recipient of the information, the values on transfers of assets, the information required to make the above-mentioned data receiver VASPs and colleagues (if available), and available, on request, to the competent authorities,” in which they claimed:

This would require to check the VASPs only, your customers’ identities, but also to identify the recipients of their customer’ transfers, the transfer of this information. That would be for all transactions higher than USD 1 000/EUR threshold.

The Respekt Roadblocks

And notes that &the artist;FATF’s advice, as currently drafted, would have profound implications for the cryptocurrency industry,” Chainalysis describes some of the dams in the comments, the one he has sent to the FATF. &for the artist: "There seems to be technical obstacles that prevent cryptocurrency companies will be able to, these standards,” the company wrote, adding that cryptocurrency’s peer-to-peer nature means that &the artist;In most cases, cryptocurrency trading are not able to say whether a recipient of a stock exchange or a personal portfolio.”

In addition, &the artist;There is no infrastructure for the transmission of information between the cryptocurrency company today,” the company has pursued, noting that the compliance with the requirements that could &the artist;the drive, the activity is decentralized and peer-to-peer trade, and perform risk assessment by financial institutions. Such measures would be a reduction in the transparency, which is currently available for the application of the law.”

Jeff Horowitz, Coinbase’s chief compliance officer, explained to Bloomberg that &the artist;The FATF has really need to consider the numerous unintended consequences of the application of this rule, certain VASPs,” with a focus on:

The application of the rules of the bank, which in this industry could result in more people in the leadership (person-to-person transactions, this would lead to a decrease of transparency for the application of the law.

John Roth, Bittrex’s chief compliance officer, agreed. They describe the publication of the compliance tax, because the portfolio addresses, often anonymously, and the trade have no way of knowing who are the recipients of the funds, he said:

It’s going to require a comprehensive and fundamental restructuring of technology, blockchain, or it’s enough to require a global, in a system in parallel, to a little built, among the 200 stock exchanges in the world … can you imagine trying to the trouble to build something as it is.

Mary Beth Buchanan, octopus’s the advocate-General, told the publication that a handful of US stock markets are discuss on how to get to such a system. &the artist;It’s not a technological solution, which enables us to fulfill us completely. We are working with the international trade, to try to find a solution,” she said.

The impact of non-compliance

Chainalysis furthermore, it explains why the countries are very likely to be in compliance with the FATF recommendations, it’s rules, when he said:

FATF’s, the size and the scope is enormous, and if a country is considered to be deficient anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, the FATF added the country is on the list of countries that are not cooperative.

On the list of countries that are not cooperative &the artist to have had a substantial impact on the financial possibilities of borrowing from institutions such as the IMF and the world Bank, lead to a reduction in countries ' ratios, the S&P and Fitch, the impact on its bond market, and may lead to a loss of access to the Euro-zone and/or us dollars,” believes on the taste of Moody’s, the company.

Some G20 countries have already begun the standards that you have discussed with the FATF, including Russia, Japan and South Korea, as news.Bitcoin.com previously reported.

Other Norms, Committed By The G20,

In addition to the support for the standards of the FATF, G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank governors of several other ads, which at the end of their meeting in Fukuoka. After the welcome in the work of the financial stability Board (FSB), an international organization that monitors and makes recommendations on the global financial system, which explains the members together:

We call on the FSB and the standardisation bodies, the risks monitor and review their work on other multi-lateral solutions as necessary.

&the artist;We will continue the efforts to strengthen cyber-resilience, and welcome the progress made on the FSB’s initiative to identify more efficient practices of the intervention and of the restoration of the cyber-incidents” of their statement continued. The G20 has, moreover, the work of the International Organisation of securities commissions (IOSCO) &the artist praised;on the crypto-asset trading platforms in connection with the use and the protection of investors and the integrity of the market.”

Another Highlight

Coinciding with the summit of the g meetings have brought 20 a number of major crypto-trade, a meeting with the authorities and the political leaders of the planet, the debate, which could hinder the FATF proposals in the target &the artist;to change to a new collection of data, which they say is usually that, your activities,” New Financial reported on Monday. The newspaper in more detail:

The event, presented as the V20 summit was thrown, with only six weeks– assessment, so that you can with the G20 summit in Osaka on 28 and 29 June.

According to the organizers of the event, in the management of major cryptocurrency trade, including the circle, Coinbase, Bitflyer, octopus and Huobi have confirmed the presence of. The other participants are in Japan’s, the financial services Agency, members of Congress, from Taiwan, Japan, and Australia, the regional economic Advisor of the French Embassy in Japan, and a number of representatives of the countries of the FATF, including the United Kingdom Secretariat. The publication adds that the invitations have been sent, in many of the G20 participants, including the Ministers of Finance and Central Bank chiefs.

You think that the FATF’s, tips, crypto active? Let us know in the comments below.

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Everytime i watch your videos i just get dragged again to castle clash, just doenloaded and finally got vlad dracula, storm eater, and like 3 other strong heroes with 7k gems!
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