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Information Monero (XMR) to Reveal for the developers, "The Engraving error," the Background of SAFU

Title :  Monero (XMR) to Reveal for the developers, "The Engraving error," the Background of SAFU
Lasting :   7,59
User :  Tojalkis
Date of publication :   2019-08-30
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Frames Monero (XMR) to Reveal for the developers, "The Engraving error," the Background of SAFU

Description Monero (XMR) to Reveal for the developers, "The Engraving error," the Background of SAFU

You Monero "Burn Failed"

For the second time in two months, the Monero, the network would be prone to error, had the privacy cryptocurrency in the knees, so to speak. After a post-mortem of the so-called "Burn Failed", reports The Next Web, a malicious user is looking to cause chaos in the Monero chain and the ecosystem that surrounds it, could be succeeded in their plans "for the price of some of the transaction costs.

dEBRUYNE, a developer and a member of the project team, the respective author of the post-mortem, explained that the bug essentially allowed a "suitable person" for the reception of XMR completion of an exchange organization, cryptocurrency-friendly, distributors, etc) portfolio for the small contribution of certain costs of the transaction, approximately 0.5% of the average of the XMR transaction at the time of writing.

For those not on the racetrack, in the context of a number of scenarios, some of these public blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can burn your own chips so that they are useless and make you nothing more than expensive digital clipboard.

In the context of the Monero code base to classify the details of the error, in simple words, if a bad looking user starts several XMR transactions between the same stealth addresses in the blockchain, but in this transaction as illegitimate, the process of recording the majority of XMR sent.

As soon as the blockchain is identified, and then burns and 'illegitimate' XMR, it is practically impossible that the same cryptocurrency to be used in any form of productive again. This sounds like a concept, the absurd, the Monero community, obviously, about your problem for a while now, but never had found a good opportunity, the advantages of stealth addresses. Now, as discovered by the cyber security experts, the combustion of errors can be, unfortunately, applies to persons vulnerable to the trade.

Explain the process of using it the hackers that wrote this error in his favor, the Monero team member:

to send [the attacker] a thousand transactions of a XMR exchange, for example. Since the replacement of the portfolio has not warned of this deviation (i.e., the funds have been received, in the same stealth address) will change, as usual, the credit for the attacker 1 000 XMR.

In this hypothetical scenario, after the victim of credit-negotiation of the attacker for 1000 XMR, would be worth $ 115,000 at the time of writing, a user needs to use their credit against an altcoin. This would remove the attacker, the entire value of this XMR, leaving the exchange of something, but the "999 unspendable, burnt-outputs 1 XMR."

Although each developer is any good, it would not be caught dead in the liberation of the details, an innovative, glitch, as has been shown, that the Monero developers have already been distributed, the arrangement for the great trade and a dealer in secret, "it is not the attention during the patch process." Because of the speed of thinking in the Monero computer, dEBRUYNE has declared that none of the merchants, to trade, or you have been a victim of this error.

This error follows a further problem was discovered, at the beginning of august, as reported by the Ethereum News of the world. Our previous report has found out that the ingenuity of hackers, which released essentially to "multiply" the amount of XMR, a portfolio, by copying just one line of code. Although this error has been amended, the less known altcoin focus on change, your portfolio drained for the night.

XMR is Still far away of votes, the positions of the profit Instead of loss

See that the combustion of errors, had no obvious effect on trade, XMR is apparently not affected, for the error, the publication of a slight increase in correlation with the hours for the restoration of the Bitcoin, the leader of the cryptocurrency in this still-young market. At the time of writing, an XMR is worth $116 and a piece of 1.5% more than in the last 24 hours.

Fuente: https://ethereumworldnews.com/monero-burn-bug-funds-safu/

Comments Monero (XMR) to Reveal for the developers, "The Engraving error," the Background of SAFU

Cotton Hill
I'm p2p but I got the gems lol
Comment from : Cotton Hill

Άρης Κεφαλογιαννης
Comment from : Άρης Κεφαλογιαννης

Giveaway Gaming
Giveaway account castle clash

Comment from : Giveaway Gaming

Tayshawn Gilcrease
I have a 80k might plus dove and other good hero’s account for sale iOS cost $10 Apple gift card
Comment from : Tayshawn Gilcrease

iOS has 100 mastery essense 3s for 1k gems, Android has pure trash... Wtf is this
Comment from : Ivcho

a bac hoong a bac
You can give me one small nick of yours
Comment from : a bac hoong a bac

Kiệt Võ
Ai Việt Nam ủng hộ anh này nhé hãy like cho anh ấy vì sự chăm chỉ của ảnh nhé ^_^
Comment from : Kiệt Võ

TrippleX TrippleX
damn man u still keeping at it with these vids? just came back to the game and fell across u again ^^ genuinely made me happy so appreciate it.
Comment from : TrippleX TrippleX

MyBoyBot - Castle Clash


Comment from : MyBoyBot - Castle Clash

fanil desai
Jts pls stop this channel game is dead will waiting to catch u with some new game😚
Comment from : fanil desai

Anvil Shit
Selling ACC for 14$ 160k Might. have all hero (Except phobos and zephyra) Lavanica,Dove,Comso,Ripper,WallaWalla,Lazu,Rosa is inscribed on 100LVL (have 700K shards, 25Million BlueCrystal, 400 Mastery Essence 3 and more)
Comment from : Anvil Shit

John Steven Navarro
still no gift for ur subs? giveaway? still no?
Comment from : John Steven Navarro

Good vids man
Comment from : SUCK MY NOB

I got 80% and got the 3 lvl8 insigs and 100 cc 5’s with 2 coins :D
Comment from : Visionz

Just got ripper from a free Roll
Comment from : Marschmelo

Leo Plays
I bought 4 lvl 9 insignia packs and got Saints Favor 3 times 😑
Comment from : Leo Plays

Was u not going to take a brake from this game? huh
Comment from : Rossmann

Jt have u got a discord?
Comment from : Djsplashops

Equinsu Ocha!
Board game get puzzle pieces
Comment from : Equinsu Ocha!

Rolled 900 gems after watching this video - got dove keeper on my f2p lol
Comment from : PersonXs

Can't u open up your here card prime 3 for an Athene, or do you need to hire with gems for hero collector?
Comment from : SploovGaming

Lanlowly Lowly
Give me gems;(
Comment from : Lanlowly Lowly

potato grade gaming and rants
I got an 80 % on my ftp but it was all of the event coin rewards
Comment from : potato grade gaming and rants

Patel Kathan
Bro i got phobos from 150 gem roll.......and there was hero collector.....but my unluck......there was occultis instead of phobos in hero collector...😙😭😭😭😭😱
Comment from : Patel Kathan

Stillinya is Stillinur
Board game should be 3 days at minimum
Comment from : Stillinya is Stillinur

Daniel Nazario
Castle clash is so wack now I barely play it😴i only get on the game to complete lbf, gw, or to collect sign in rewards
Comment from : Daniel Nazario

Caleb Dietz
I got demogorgon on the first board game dash so clutch on the f2p
Comment from : Caleb Dietz

I got 158 of that dragon

Edited: on my f2p to

Comment from : Youningz

Jpete Tank
I know ur never gonna believe this but I rolled Phobos this morning from my free roll and now he’s 160 with darkest night and I screamed and dropped my phone and pinched myself
Comment from : Jpete Tank

Fu Junn
i got 500 apex crystal in board game dash
Comment from : Fu Junn

ymir ???
managed to get phobos from a 150 hero roll, what talent and insignia should I use for this hero?
Comment from : ymir ???

The Tazman
So this is what JT calls "taking a break" for a few minutes?
Think he realises his cc vids are where the money is at in terms of views. Don't think he'll quit anytime soon
Good to see you're still playing cc :)

Comment from : The Tazman

Dylan Brown
Wtfff I got athene on android today but on android😐
Comment from : Dylan Brown

Brock Dodd
I got a triple legend with Phobos in it if u don’t believe me my line is is LOKI Skippy I have screenshot
Comment from : Brock Dodd

Cristian Azcona
I got demo on my f2p
Comment from : Cristian Azcona

Hunter McCormick
I got the lvl 9 insignia from board game bash and 70% on discount store for another 4
Comment from : Hunter McCormick

i got 80 % in discount store twice in a row
Comment from : NightRealmGG

ALB qqsaeedqq
Wtf is wrong with the insignia too good with the rewards wish that with android
Comment from : ALB qqsaeedqq

Pro Aidean
I got demo from board game bash
Comment from : Pro Aidean

Yehya Baghdadi
After the survey they made it more unfair for Android
They made it 15 castle chest 5 for 8k gems but we don't have the board game bash

Comment from : Yehya Baghdadi

LovixXoXo Fire
:( I got phobos but no phobos getting reward on android server
Comment from : LovixXoXo Fire

Neska Berry
1000 gems for 100 mastery3s tf.
Comment from : Neska Berry

Antonio Velicu
Man it's not ok ,ios rewards it's way better than android ,you can get 100 mastery esence with 1k gems!...
Comment from : Antonio Velicu

Marko Adzic
Can you ask fucking igg to update Android server because i cant watch anymore how you are getting MUCH MUCH better thinks for same amount as Android. I hate to see it. I LOVE that this game i is dying just because of servers
Comment from : Marko Adzic

Yo JT I got 90% on the discount store and bought 4 lv 9 insignias and got 5000 Zenith and 10000 Inginiting stones
Comment from : CoffeeMeteor48

Dean Signorini
Where are the videos for your second F2P account
Comment from : Dean Signorini

Valdrin Latifi
On Android server there is just one lvl 9 insignia in discount store I got -70% I bought it and got Revitalize
Comment from : Valdrin Latifi

in it for the lol's
I got phobos on an account that i don't even use
Edit: it was a free roll to boot

Comment from : in it for the lol's

[GD] TinyXD
Board game bash isn't even on Android and the Discount store on android has been buffed so little that its not even comparable with IOS.
Comment from : [GD] TinyXD

Mr Mike
Hey JT is egg hatch a thon worth it anymore? Doesn't seem like it since they changed rewards
Comment from : Mr Mike

Areagamer51 ENT
Bro android didn't even get the bord bash bash game wen ios dose. And wen they do only for one day
Comment from : Areagamer51 ENT

WTF?! You get 4 Insignia bags for 10 coins? That's soooo bullshittery. On Android - it's 1 for 10.

I did get it - bc the first time I had 50% and I was like, ok - and I got stealth, which is amazing, bc it went on my Commadora who had a lvl 8 Stealth, but that's so bullshittery

Comment from : L U C I F E R

Corbin Moses
80% discount and a Demogorgon!
Comment from : Corbin Moses

I am free2play on iOS and i got 2 Level 9 Insignia bags from the puzzle game and one Level 9 Survival und Level 9 unholy pack came out
Comment from : Nemesis_duke

Comment from : Td1zzle

Dude on the Android server occultist was in the hero colector and I snatched him up with 1200 gems!!!
Comment from : ShugaryZV

Kat Shana
Pero que 😱😱
Comment from : Kat Shana

Antonio Licout
Ly it
Comment from : Antonio Licout

I got acultis for free
Comment from : galapagoose02

Bruh why is IOS's Discount store SOOO much better than Androids???? Thats some bs man.
Comment from : Tanzu

Everytime i watch your videos i just get dragged again to castle clash, just doenloaded and finally got vlad dracula, storm eater, and like 3 other strong heroes with 7k gems!
Comment from : Offender

Everytime i watch your videos i just get dragged again to castle clash, just doenloaded and finally got vlad dracula, storm eater, and like 3 other strong heroes with 7k gems!
Comment from : Offender

Polsky PL
Lol, android has 3k zenith for 12 coins and 1 lvl 9 bag for 15 coins, and feels bad for the game bash, those 5 chests... Great vid!
Comment from : Polsky PL

Christopher Y
I guess CC just milking everyone. What is the point CASTLE CLASH 2 is coming soon.
Comment from : Christopher Y

abc abc
Android only has trash
Comment from : abc abc

Noah Roman Miralles
Comment from : Noah Roman Miralles

Hero Killer {Stain}
damn jt you're so lucky😪
Comment from : Hero Killer {Stain}

Didn't u say you're taking a break?
Comment from : Ariel

Comment from : michel

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