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Information JPMorgan: "investors' interest in the Bitcoin, the discoloration" - Bitcoin news

Title :  JPMorgan: "investors' interest in the Bitcoin, the discoloration" - Bitcoin news
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Date of publication :   2019-08-09
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Frames JPMorgan: "investors' interest in the Bitcoin, the discoloration" - Bitcoin news

Description JPMorgan: "investors' interest in the Bitcoin, the discoloration" - Bitcoin news

JP Morgan Chase & co. is of the opinion that the bear market today, investors are frightened away from bitcoin, only to in not of the rumors of his death that never ends. But how to be private investors and institutional investors seem to have other options are classical analysts tell the whole story?

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The Pessimist’s dismissal Bitcoin

A group of JP Morgan Chase analysts believe that the prolonged bear market in 2018 is to scare institutional investors, far from Bitcoin.

Global markets strategist Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou published notes from research, financial institutions&rsquo recently said; to be a interest for bitcoin trading &the artist;it seems, will fade” as the most important parameters such as the index for the interest in bitcoin to the end, and the average of the trading volumes &the artist;downgraded dramatically.”

In addition, JP Morgan’s is the report of the median duration of the bitcoin transaction sizes are seen at $160 from the euphoria to 5 000 $, only a year ago, adding that most of the contracts spread on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange are very close &the artist;the background of the 2018’s” according to the data of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Panigirtzoglou and his team attribute this downward trend for investors to take their money away from the cryptocurrency market, but is that really the case?

The Really are ditching Bitcoin?

Even if traditional measures seem to press Panigirtzoglou’s, the position, the most recent data from other sources shows that the trends that JP Morgan is of the opinion, as an evidence of investors’ interest of the scarcity can be caused, from investors, your money elsewhere.

Jeffrey Sprecher, Director-General of the Intercontinental Exchange, and President of the New York stock exchange does not appear to be in agreement with Panigirtzoglou’s view. Spokesman said recently that, in spite of the sharp decline in bitcoin prices have taken in the year 2018 to survive the answer to the question:&, for the artist: Va digital assets?” is &of the artist;definitely Yes”, adding:

No one has lifted from the crypto. [The people may have taken out, but you walk

Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Mike McGlone is of the opinion that the bear market, is the distortion of the perception of what’s is really going on. McGlone think that, despite the current prices, the combined total number of contracts, the two sides (CBOE, CME) &for the artist: "is set at the end of the year to a peak of all times,” which is a clear proof that the interest for these assets is on the rise. McGlone also added that he thinks the market &the artist;oversold very” and this should be a reference to strong accumulation in the future.

Otc trading is on the rise

The conventional measures do not provide a comprehensive picture of the survey bitcoin’s future. Over-the-counter (OTC) transactions (transactions outside the exchanges) are from now, when the conquest of the increase in the volumes. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said in October:

What belongs to I’ ' ve, that is, the otc market is at least as large as the live registered-volumes [on the trade]. So that is at least 50% of the amounts not reported on Coinmarketcap.

According to a recent report by Diar, institutional money continues to flow into the BTC as a merchant, to trade away and begin the advantages of the direct award’, a greater liquidity. More Diar’s data shows that even if the direct award of contracts are open for only 31 percent of the annual-negotiable, hours, and transaction volumes are still relatively low, there is a clear trend that shows that the otc trade is on the rise. The report reads as follows:

Not with the time stop on the trade, the institutions and the big money would be to require access around the clock from fears that the evil awakening in a market remains very volatile, although the reduction to new lows this year.

Grayscale-a Trust, the placement of the published data shows earlier this year that the bear market trends in the year 2018, have discouraged small investors and speculators, but had the opposite effect on the organs, their integration in the labour market &the artist;counter-intuitive” to accelerate to a level never before by the fiduciary.

The Peer-to-Peer transactions Are Also an Increasing tendency

As with the otc transactions, peer-to-peer trading, not price discovery, even if the platforms, the P2P movement, millions of dollars in bitcoin all over the world.

Volumes of transactions on local bitcoins are nothing, but low, with many countries, by a massive increase of P2P-trading. South American Nations are double at the top with countries such as Peru, Colombia and Argentina, or even triple the quantities, the fraction of the prices began in the 2018’s crypto together. In particular, economically beaten Venezuela saw a huge increase in local bitcoins is negotiated, shows no signs of calming.

These trends suggest that JP Morgan Chase, the analysts may have misunderstood the market and writes too much in a hurry. To show how P2P and otc markets, it’s a lot of lives in the Bitcoin yet. Coupled with the amount of work, the infrastructure will be spent on the improvement, portfolio, commercial and baby / solutions-and it’s clear that the terrain is set to be the next wave of Bitcoin investors, the two retail and institutional investors.

What do you think about the future of the CTB-market? Let us know in the comments below.

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Everytime i watch your videos i just get dragged again to castle clash, just doenloaded and finally got vlad dracula, storm eater, and like 3 other strong heroes with 7k gems!
Comment from : Offender

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